Un texte écrit par Sofia Cros de Vecchis (3e C), dans le cadre du cours d'Anglais Intensif :



Monday, February 19th, the FBI receives a signal coming from the top of Manhattan between eleven and 1 o'clock, alerting that a strange man was walking the streets, thus disturbing the people going to lunch.

A woman testified : "Yes, I saw him. He was tall, wore a suit with a tie and seemed to be doing his jogging in the morning, only that he did not have a head... I am sure of it. He did not have a head and in its place there was confetti."

After this rather outstanding testimony, we advise you to remain on your guard in order to increase your chances of not having problems. If you see this individual, stop and call the police. They will arrive in the minute which will follow.

Be careful !

Jean Gudelon Journalist